Bbqbeef Goes to War

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BBQBeefburgerman,Ham Sandwich and Greyclock find themselves at war, whatever will they do now? BBQ and Ham don't care though so it's up to greyclock!

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(Based on enemy territory)



I expected a fart somewhere down the line but surprisingly enough there wasn't one,this wasn't that funny though for some reason but it did look good and i like the helmet Ham Sandwich was wearing,nice job.

Good, but I think....

If BBQ were at a war, he'd fart and kill everyone he wanted to, so no more troops would have been needed, right?

l1fty responds:

Ok you just spoiled the sequel, dammit!

Why did I love this...

I just loved it though it could be much better. You needed the allies sounds in there as well.. Fire in the hole, enemy in disquse and of course Oooops.

I would love to see a full on movie like that with your sense of humor going.. basically a bit longer.

l1fty responds:

The reason for it to be axis only sounds was because the whole team was axis. If you're axis you don't hear the allies sounds either, especially not "Fire in the Hole" :<

It Was Not A Bad Parody

The parody was okay, even though it could have been a lot better. I didn't really get the joke to this other than the ned part. The voices were going really slow and one thing kept on saying hail me or something. I don't know I really couldn't understand the whole thing. All and all just needs some improvement.

l1fty responds:

this flash is shit

hmmm...not too shabby

plenty of hunger in my stomache watching it, plenty of simple acting, self serve...okay!

veridect:overall nice movie as ever but still needs more!

l1fty responds:

Thanks anyway

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2.89 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2006
1:33 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody