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01.10.07 - Updated to Remastered Edition: Major gameplay enhancements including better movement and easier to kill gargoyles.

Take half-God Orchid through an Egyptian tomb to retrieve the legendary Amulet of Osiris and discover her true power. You'll need to shoot enemies, dodge traps, solve puzzles and fight bosses to succeed in your quest.

The game will autosave if you have cookies enabled. Flash Player 8 required. If you miss anything in the tutorial, here are the controls:

Move: A/D or Left/Right arrow
Jump/Flip: W or Up arrow
Crouch/Roll: S or Down arrow
Sprint: Space or Ctrl
Pan Camera: Z/X/C or Del/End/PgDn
Aim/Fire: Mouse
Weapon Change: Mouse scroll wheel or keys 1-5
Options: Right click mouse

Hope you enjoy the game, and if you like it check out the official site at osiris.chromeshark.com.

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Sorry, but this didn't work out well for me at all. I think its main problem was that it just went too fast. I couldn't get the feeling of being able to slow down. There was too much going on. I do appreciate how it seems to be authentic to the Tomb Raider games. It's pretty easy to tell this was inspired by them.

The graphics weren't that good at all. Everything seemed way too old. It was at least somewhat motivating to see what would show up next. It has a pretty cool name. The mechanics are too silly to take that seriously.

Looks bad and unrealistic gameplay, improve please, good concept.


awesome game a real challenge i love the last level when knights of cydonia starts playing keep it up PS. can ya change cataclysm sometimes the level starts and a hole at the first second appears beneath me and because the level just started i cant run from it

=] Love it, but too hard.

I actually liked the game as I am a big fan of Tomb Raider, though I feel it's too damn hard. I can't even beat the Wing Master on level 6, no joke.

I don't want to skip to the second one because I don't want to be confused :(

ChromeShark responds:

Afraid the sequel is harder if anything, but I still recommend trying it! Thanks for the review.

Looks like a TR Flash

im sorry bout this but this has already been done im giving you a five TOMB RAIDER buddy it made it far for a little while so i guess this is ok as like a flash version of TR sorry this one gets five stars next time try to add other stuff rather than the usual tiger trap set ups like TR had so there ya go

ChromeShark responds:

This game started out as a Flash version Tomb Raider but I changed it about a bit to avoid copyright issues - so that's why there are similarities!