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Noobscape 4

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Hurray a day later and I'm back with Noobscape four less time okaystoryline. This time making fun of Zezima as well as the Runescape Massacre that was the cause of construction. Good Job Jagex looks like construction could rip the armor off ur back. lol enjoy

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to kelpto27

ur noobz


nice video

and i will clear this up in case this video isent a joke. but its kind of funny zezima is the strongist and toped ranked person in all of runescape he was not the falador murder but it would be pritty funny if he was and the scary fact is.... this really did happen on 666 in falador people just started attacking each other. and no not a PVP world eather this happend when the wilderness was still the only pk place.


dont **** zezima



whats the song

good flash