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Dailytoon #202

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A great way to start Season 3.

Grandfatherclocks was awesome. I'm wondering how you got the dancing Eggman thing though.

(( Ha bazzar but interesting ))

This was odd and abit disturbing but it was entertaining the flashing seemed abit much, but made for an entertaining animation, and a nice menu screen.

more animation in there would be nice.

Entertaining and bazzar.


reply to this

that didnt make any sense reply

i'm ready for season three... or... was ready...

enjoyed the little bit of MSI in the intro, and the flashing colors too, nice :P

grandfatherclock - an amazing short. infact, it was quite delicious.
astropuff - aww, that was super cute ^_^
rtil - ah yes, the wonderful suspence building movie for season three. lots of flashing colors and wonderful sound. awesome work :D
Aerdail - pokemon meetings, those are always annoying to attend :( pikachu is a total dick.

good work to everyone, and another amazing dailytoon :P


Its just too bad your leaving *cry* *howl* *cry a little more*