Dreams And Nightmares

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This work is a newer, better and bigger version of The Dream.
A man dreaming a dream that becomes a nightmare...



Very surreal. Surreal music, which i love, would love to get my hands on that song. Awesome video, gripped all the way through. More please. You should do some noir.

It's coming along pretty well.

The addition of the birds was quite nice and the work is much better than the previous version. Actually, it reminded me of a similar reoccuring nightmare about circles that chased me into the waking world as a child. So for personal reasons I'd love to see you keep working on this one until you just can't stand to work on it anymore :-)

Points to work on (imho):

The word "DEATH" seemed a bit too blunt for a dream. Maybe a symbol or something would be more dreamlike?

When the music changed, the contrast wasn't strong enough to know that it was contrast, so it felt like it was just a mistake in the sound editing.

I feel I'm missing something in the scene where the hand reaches past the faucet. Is he on the floor reaching upwards? The angle of his arm confuses me a bit. - till next time.

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Down the Street, Not Across the Road.

I think I liked the previous version better. Granted, it had needed to be longer, and you made is so. But I think it would have been better if left as the "dream" instead of the "nightmare." But that's just a personal preference. Nonetheless, the quality of your work is improving noticably. Kudos!

Liked it

I loved the concept and the great representation of the dreamscape through the animation and the music. The second part with the nightmare was a little short, but the music changed mood well.
I think the only thing to improve is the quality of the drawing/animation which did lack a little in places. Otherwise, keep on making flash!

Nice flash

This flash deserves a place in newgrounds! This is a very awesome flash and the music matched the dream and nightmare perfectly.

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2.83 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2006
4:27 AM EDT