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Machine Man

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Hello newgrounds! Been awhile since my last submission, but seeing as how it's summer and I'm unemployed, I don't have much else to do. This took about a month of hard work, and now it's done!!! :D HOORAY

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Very fun, tons of content.

this games controls are really great your mad for not adding medals to collect with this cause this is game of the month material!

phoenix fish is really hard

I think the biggest thing wrong with this is how you are basically just in the same spot. I think there should be more variety. I do have to admit it is kind of cool with the enemies. I can't get rid of most of the bombs. I think this would have worked more as a standard platformer. The jumping's still pretty good.

You get the hang of it pretty quickly. I like how you mixed it up with different enemies who all have different ways they moved. I can't help but think you took the name from the Marvel character. He's pretty well known. Still a decent game.


Needs improvements though. It needs a variety of weapons, powerups and better unlockables and a variety of difficulties. Plus the enemies you fight attack too randomly so i died several times which made people say it suck and yes it is sorta glitchy in a way! After you do progessive it got boring real fast. Also the weird thing is when you shoot something and the target isn't on it but its in the middle of the way it doesn't hit the enemy. Also if the person you play has has a rocket in his foot let people fly with it seriously man and why when you go in a void you die I now that's usual in other games like mario, sonic and whole alot of other games that maybe don't have jet packs in their feet obviously of course can't fly out of a void but the character does! You are really lucky I'm giving you a 6/10 and a 3/5! Good day Sir!