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CU-4th Of July Special 06

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Ah Independence Day...No I don't mean Will Smith and somehow managing to get a PC and random Alien software to be compatible...I mean the 4th Of July! A time of BBQs, Fireworks, Booze and Kush Lash!
Yes Kush Lash, the newest and most exiciting backyard game. Don't know what it is? Then watch the episode dammit!

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I could have sworn I heard of Kush Lash in a previous episode. BTW, this really isn't a holiday special. It really is another episode of the show. I certainly wish you made more of those. I'm glad to see the two main characters back. Other ones feature Karl.

There were a lot of great jokes, especially when Mike talked to the narrator. I also love the part where he avoids explaining it to Mike. This wasn't that much related to the 4th of July. Well, there were some fireworks. Then again, that has little to do with our founding fathers anyway.

ball throwing good time

"some one check that ball!!, is that ball regulation?"


that is fucking funny... and ya top gun music in the opening... and if u dont no wat topgun is then that is understandibl.... and yay kushlash i play that to... lol


Aother very American Holiday special, but it's still great. Lots of comedy in it, and I love the starwars input, heh, fabulous . . . looking forward to many more of these episodes! Keep up the great work!



What!?!...It dosn't say oil on the back? You just solved a life-long mystery. THANKS!