Nephi's Adventure

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--06/30/06 Thanks for Front Page Newgrounds!--
This game will appear white for a while before the pre-loader appears. Please wait...it's worth it.

Help Nephi solve problems to get into Jerusalem. Gameplay based on classic LucasArts games that used the SCUMM VM engine...it's even fully voice-acted!

Many thanks to Tom Fulp and Newgrounds for the sponsorship.


i liked it

a bit easy but still fun to play.....whens the next one coming out?

NIce short game!

Very short but it was also very fun. I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't so hard that you would need a walkthrough. Nice job!

-Sure, It Was Short, But Worth It-

This was a fun little adventure game. Splitting the game up into Chapters is just fine, but you should reconsider, the length of a chapter. This wouldn't even begin to pass as a medium length adventure. Never the less it was fun.

The puzzles were on the easy side, but they did have an advantage. They were logical and fun to solve. When I got the (not spoiling it) and the (not spoiling it). I knew exactly what to do with them, and that made me feel good. Being able to use my brain to solve the puzzles. Overall, well done.


Finally someone who made an LDS game I didn't think anyone would even be LDS on this site


Great job on the animation, art, and gameplay! It took me a bit to figure out. It's too bad that nobody gets any of the humor in this. There are a lot of LDS jokes.

(Folio1701, I'll have you know that Ladder-Day Saints [Mormons] do not practice polygamy. You can ask any one of them. There is a church that does, though. It is called the FLDS Church. The names are similar, and I can see why you confused the two. Please avoid this in the future, as it really ticks us off.)

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Jun 29, 2006
5:24 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click