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[Old] Whitob Ep.1

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This is my first submission. During the production of this animation, I truly learned that flash can be quite hard to do. Enjoy.

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Glad that you decided to make a flash. Its pretty good, but the animation needs some improving, so practice. The story is good, and its pretty funny.

PenguinLink responds:

The animation? You mean how the blobs move or something? Anyway, thanks for the review. (Episode 2 is on it's way)

A good idea, resulting in a nice flash.

This movie had a nice idea behind it. That was also the main reason why I liked it. Graphics were okay -could use more moving parts, like making the blobs...err...blob when they bounce-, as was the sound. The violence and humor were okay too. But the style is good. Keep it up!

PenguinLink responds:

Thanks alot. Yeah, I agree that the blobs need more movement. I'll see into it once I start working on Episode 2. Thanks for the review.


Hey, I agree with the last review, I thought it was really funny, really clever. Alot of flashes try too hard to be funny but this one actually was, I liked the ideas you had too. Nice work!

PenguinLink responds:

Thanks! Well, since you guys are liking this one, there might be another one...who knows...Better check the portal soon! Anyway, I'm really glad you liked it and stay tuned for a second one! And again thanks for the review and good score. Cheers.

that was great

that was pretty good if it doesnt get blammed ill put it on my favorite submission list

PenguinLink responds:

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the great score and review. (By the way, it didn't get blammed.) :)

the signs were boring...

i could have died reading the signs haha, but nonetheless, its pretty ok, and the ending is not bad, i like flash wif ending wif a slight twist or smth along the line

PenguinLink responds:

Well, if the signs were boring, you shouldn't have read them at all! Anyway, thanks for the review.