Catler Adventures

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Beeing on a scratchpad for way too long drawing these cats and other cute creatures on a pad with other Japanese and Korean people finally resulted in me getting my drawing skills in to flash again.
This is Catler adventures, which is made in Korea by a norwegian exchange student which happens to be me (yeeh, me lol). I did my best on translating the part, it is scripted and voice acted in korean, and therefore some translation was a bit difficult. This is not the first episode. This is sorta a test of what I am able to do with my current drawing skills. Why I call it a test is because it has no real plot at the moment.


Neither funny, nor well animated. Not impressed.

New series?

While I guess I'm really late on seeing the beginning of something new, this was still fun to watch. It's too bad I was not able to tell it was Korean. I suppose that most Asian countries use those letters different than that of the English characters. It had no plot, but a lot of great things on Newgrounds are like that anymore. The best part was how you tried to make the characters really look adorable. Now, it did have weaknesses, especially with how the animation could have been better.

I did not quite get the end with the other two characters as the first part was better. I am glad this was not just an intro and it turned out to be a full cartoon (if short). As something for a test, it was fairly decent. Many times when I hear someone say they're doing a "test", it's just a single flash trick. It reminded me of classic "Looney Tunes" cartoons with the mountain and stuff blowing up.


Abit cute with the character and all, and i laughed with the humor you gave the flash, seemed to be really on the short side though, maybe add abit more next time, also i wouldnt mind seeing more episodes with the same characters.

Cute and short.


wow... i love violence

that was... *sniff* the most touching *sniffle* experience i ever ecperienced... hehe and funny. next time make it twice as long with a song like that and your on your way to... well... flash stardom, if you want my opinion that is


mmmm thats was an interesting flahs some what funny.. and ur style is very interesting... looking foward to what u come up wit next

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4.34 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2006
10:45 AM EDT
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