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Nightmare Kingdom

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This is game has been in the making for ages, I am slow at making backgrounds. I hope you enjoy it and vote fairly!

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This, this is amazing.

While not a great game, this was still good. I think the best part about it was probably how well it was paced. The first parts were actually pretty hard. It's always helps to have a game where you don't immediately die when falling somewhere. The graphics could probably be better, though. The music is nice as well.

Guess I'm not the first person to unearth this. It just seems like this was something destined to win an award of some kind (positive, I mean). I thought the enemies were pretty well detailed. It does get annoying when you have to calculate how you're going to land. I don't see what the point of that beanstalk is.

It's OK, It Reminded Me Of Nevermore With The Out Of Order And All The Sky Wires, Very Hard To Jump Though

Not a bad start ...

But I think to make a better game you wil really have to improve on the handling of the character, or make the game more intresting. At the moment, it left alot to be desired. Maby a good storyline would be a step in the right direction ? I did like the music, but it reminded me of a bed time story which killed the atmos a bit. Gd luck with future developments !

good game

to kill the boss the green dinosour,you need to hit the tail