AYB: Reborn

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This was made by TheBigLemon, Cookie Clock, and me, RogerFoSho. I'd also like to thank The_American_Zombie for pushing me on to finish this.

This is a flash we made to rebirth the ever-loved All Your Base Are Belong To Us flash. Yes yes, many of will say "It's the same thing!" No it isn't, be quiet you.

We will try and respond to many of the reveiws, as long as you don't bash us for making a remake of a classic flash.

So, please enjoy the flash, vote fairly, and leave nice reviews.



Funny... BUT LET IT DIE! By holding it back, you are butchering AYB worse than Zero Wing butchered the English language! This was a great movie, but you're too late. It's dead, it's over. It's Over man, OVER.

(( LOL ))

Haha well that was good, kinda reminded me of old times, this was ok but the other one seemed more fitting not a bad blast to the past thiough, anyways notbad.

More animation would be nice.

A funny blast to the past with AYB.


Points off for cutting it short

If you were going to use some of the origional pictures, you should have tried to screw with them as much as possible. Also, are the blurry pictures the best you can do, or is that just because the rest of the picture doesn't matter or somthing like that?

Other than that, all mine... umm... threes are belong to you.(I'll give it a four later so it'll be more of a 3.5)

RogerFoSho responds:

it was cut short cause my stupid flash wouldnt take an MP3 so i had to get a converter and when i converted it to a wav it only converted 90% cause it was a trial version :P.The blurry pictures i had to stretch them out. I tried to fix it but I couldnt

Well, it's a start

The spirit is there, but the flash itself is kind of small to read some of the AYB add-ins, and there's a lot of dead time while waiting between certain pictuers- most certainly in the 'Millionaire' part, which makes it drag.

RogerFoSho responds:

yes, we didnt want to copy a lot of the pictures that were in the originnal. I also had trouble with syncing the move zig part. I will try to fix and update the flash as soon as possible.

Just another AYB

another copy of AYB no stlye in any way what so ever

RogerFoSho responds:

It's got the 'AYB' style :D

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2.45 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2006
12:49 AM EDT
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