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Osama eats Poopoo

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Watch osama smear himself in his pile of love. If ya hate Osama, give all the osama movie 5. 5 to vote for him to die


not bad.

not too funny, I mean really we all know osama bin laden eats shit!


That fuckup ASSama Bin Laden had it coming to him!


Osama is a cock-fucker

Quite funny. But not for long (damn)

Its fun, for one time, but thats it... Dont mind SumGui. He is high and if ALL Americans were like him, America would be dead.....

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I must say that I found this rather unpleasant. Normally, I would applaud an anti-death response to bin Laden, assuming that he is actually responsible for the Sept. 11th attacks. I would thank people for finding ways of ironic punishment that don't involve death and the venting of vengeance to do all sorts of horrible acts of violent torture to satiate interior feelings of anger and rage. It gives people an out without cultivating their bad, negative emotions and qualities. After all, I don't think that we have any more right to human lives than terrorists do, and especially not when so much more rage, in the forms of continued hate, racism, and the excitation of more terrorists, could arise from it. However...not only did this film end up doing it anyway...in the "Play Again" icon at the end of the film where bin Laden is shot in the head...but it also wasn't exactly the best idea I had in mind of alternative responses... That seemed just plain sick, and, don't take it personally, it probably wasn't the most intelligent response you could have come up with.

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2.37 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2001
3:22 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody