Dogma first encounter

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Sponsered by GalactiGames.com. In a world where you are the last surviving marine you must ward off zombies who have one intention, for you to join them. PM me with the code.


(( Fun Demo Game ))

Fun game, the moving of it was hard but with the mouse you have good shooting, and the enemies were abit hard, but anyways it was a fun game i messed around with it for a good 10 minutes or so.

make a full game with lots of levels and all sorts of enemies

Fun game nice action with the shooting.


Not too bad

The game itself isnt all that bad. you told me you were going to make another one of these right? Well i hope it turns out good.


I really like the game in general, but I think it is way to easy to die. I kill about 7 zombies before I die.

Pretty Good

It was fun.. here's some things I noticed that can be improved:

More sound- Maybe your character has some kind of yelp of agonizing pain or something when you take damage.. and gorey sounds for blood ect.. Though the game does go well with just music
Improved Gun--When I shoot the bullets come from my face and go over the gun.. so I feel like I'm shooting a really fast crossbow... without the bow.. Maybe fix that and also perhaps have some kind of fire and/or smoke come from the barrel of the gen when shooting. Oh and a crosshair would be amazing! Aswell maybe a secondary gun or a gun selection option would be pretty cool.
Graphics-They were alright but can be better I think.. or detail into the ground and characters would go great.

It is a nice simple game but nonetheless entertaining. Good job. Can't wait to see this bonus level.

Preety fun

and addicting, too short though, I just sent the code through a PM to you so I can get the Resident Evil 4 Version of the game.

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3.14 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2006
6:02 PM EDT
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