Nuke Patrol

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Some computers have lag problems with this game. If you have lag problems, try lowering the quality. If that doesn't work, save your game, exit, open a new game, then load your game. This solves almost all lag problems

Also: This game has problems on Linux for some reason. I have no idea why.


When a terrorist shoots you, you lose health. When a terrorist goes past you, they take across nuke parts. When they get enough parts to build a bomb, or you die, you lose.

Update June 21: Loading works fine now, game is also less boring.

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A nice and simple game! Graphics aren't the best, but they're easy to define at least, nice and simple. The concept is a pretty funny one as well and the music really fits in with the theme. Overall it's a nice and entertaining game, keep it going!


Dude nice intro tune :P

Lmao, you used my "Mexican Jingle" that makes me happy :D Thx for showing an interest in my tunes, and the game is pretty funny as well, i give it a 4 overall. :D Peace...

COOL....but needs improvement.

this game was good.it had sounds that actualy sounded like guns.but one problem.....I COULDNT RELOAD!!the game just froze for a second wenever i pressed a k-board key!!i couldnt even go to a shop!!plz plz plz,fix this!!

v3rt-0 responds:

That's odd...are you running Windows? I've never heard of either of those problems from anyone else.

Nice game.

I never did read the instructions, I shot every body… Armed, unarmed. It did lag until I closed and reopened it, you really should fix that... But it was a fun game to play, I liked the idea it had. But I’ve seen better version of this game before. D-fense was one of the best. You may want to use some ideas it had. It was still to play this, guess if Armor games is willing to host it, it can’t be bad.

Now for the pure stats:

Graphics: 7, Nice drawing and animation, I’ve have seen better though.

Style: 6, Sort of defend the base, shoot bad guys kind of game, not bad for its kind, but inspire for the best.

Sound: 6, Good gun sound effects, not sure about the bazooka though. It was nice but the Sprite blow up interrupted it. Still good sounds.

Violence: 7, Lot’s of shooting and blowing shit up, sounds just like the border.

Interactivity: 6, Nice abilities to buy guns and towers and all.

Humor: 5, funny when you waste 10 bullets on a person who was shot in the body and just takes ages to die <_<

Overall: 7, Pretty good for game but it could use some improvement.


don't waste my time with this shit

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3.53 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2006
9:04 PM EDT
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