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Most of you know me for Retarded Animal Babies (don't forget there's a brand new DVD out!), but there's another oddity on the internet I'm responsible for: this interdimensional 25-gesture version of Rock-Paper Scissors. Originally made as a plain ol' JPG on my art site (umop.com), by popular demand I teamed up with my programmer/buddy Andy (also the voice of "Dudley" on "Sci-Fi Guys") to create this interactive version.

Features: Select not just the 25-gesture version (RPS-25) but among several smaller versions as well, to prevent brain poppage. There are 1- and 2-player modes for any game.

I hope you enjoy the game!


Wtf mate?

I dont like this game at all, k? Well first off, wolves cant outrun lighting, and paper does not define lightning, devil casts lightning? WTF? These are crappy match ups, should be like Lighting - Devil, Devil casts lightning and singes his BALLS. Yeah and he dies... from breast cancer K! And Hep. C... Water blesses devil? Shouldnt the great flames from the deep cavities of hell BURN THE CRAP out of water?

I gave 10 for interactivity because it has lots of buttons.

not bad but also not good

I dont know, it´s not that much fun and there´s no blood!!!!!!!
not really worth my time^^

thank god

thank god someone made this game after all theses years lol


there no point to it, after about 12 clicks you realise you are achieveing absolutely nothing. its a reasonable effort - but for a game to be any good its gotta be fun. and that it 'aint

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It's a fun game for awhile, but it can get repetitive. Still, I like how you thought of how certain things beat what. Average overall, but still good.

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3.93 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2006
8:47 AM EDT
Sports - Other