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Most of you know me for Retarded Animal Babies (don't forget there's a brand new DVD out!), but there's another oddity on the internet I'm responsible for: this interdimensional 25-gesture version of Rock-Paper Scissors. Originally made as a plain ol' JPG on my art site (umop.com), by popular demand I teamed up with my programmer/buddy Andy (also the voice of "Dudley" on "Sci-Fi Guys") to create this interactive version.

Features: Select not just the 25-gesture version (RPS-25) but among several smaller versions as well, to prevent brain poppage. There are 1- and 2-player modes for any game.

I hope you enjoy the game!

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But devil is immune to scissors

I love the creativity of these variants. However, there is inconsistency.

In RPS-9 and 15, there is MAN. But in RPS-11, there is WOMAN. In both 11 and 15, DEVIL TEMPTS WOMAN/MAN. Also, new outcome names from RPS-25 are used, for example SCISSORS CUT MAN'S HAIR.

Another inconsistency is permanent, by design of RPS-15 and 25. In 15, LIGHTNING STRIKES TREE. In 25, TREE ATTRACTS LIGHTNING.

You know, the thing that impresses me most about this is how you set it up so that the angle between two items tells you which one beats which. That is freaking amazing.

-Sponge cleans Nuke
Really? Nuke would erase that sponge from existence.

If Lighting Shocked Tree, Lighting Wins!