shoot some stickmen

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there is no objective so you can just go kill a bunch of stickmen for the fun of it play at least twice because there are two different routes and also try to get all the alternate deaths(when you dont shoot them in the head) there are 8 so enjoy :) and if u like it go play the sequel: shoot some more stickmen.


I played shoot some more stickmen. Make shoot some stickmen 3, and make shoot some stickmen 3 so you can shoot the stick's dick. And also make it like a chapter, so you can save your progress when you want to stop playing. Also i think you should make it so you can shoot any part of the stickman's body. please read my idea.


It was entertaining, but some little puzzly things would have been cool too. Like, shoot this, then this, and then this falls on a stickman.
My favorite kill was with the brown bottle.

Pretty cool :)

This is some pretty cool game...But on your next one let you shoot any part of the body lol.

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it is pretty good, but it will be better if there was some type of chalenge, or atleast make it where there are more ways to kill them (wich i noticed on some people).try making the others run away when som1 they see is shot. It is still good, though, nice job.

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quite good

so cool

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2.99 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2006
4:22 AM EDT
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