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FPS In Real Life

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*Edit. Thanks for the daily 3rd, I guess this means I outta work on another. And thanks for the frontpage coverage.

Just something me and my brother made on a slow Saturday afternoon. I know the preface my be decieving but this is not a game, it is just part of the theme; it is supposed to be like a first person shooter video game, only in real life. Hope you enjoy and leave your feed back in a review. Starring my brother Brian, Gary, and my left hand. Enjoy. Sound effects my Counter Strike and Duke Nukem.

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I am a reply from the 2021

Pretty cool, this is 11.5 years ago so 007: Goldeneye was made just 10 years or so prior and I dare say many people were still using N64s, PS1s, meanwhile XBOX was still quite new. First-person shooters have certainly come a long way, now we have stuff like Red Orchestra II, Rising Storm, and Rising Storm II Vietnam which have bullet drop, adjustable sights, realistic recoil, individual mags instead of an ammo pool, and so on and so forth. Hell, pretty sure even Call of Duty 2 was top of the line at that point. Anyways, well done.

Solid 4 stars in my opinion, all things considered, though if someone were to make something like this nowadays when we don't need to record on potatoes and can use different apps or programs to provide some basic special effects, I'd rate it substantially lower. There's value in this vid because in an odd way it sort of reflects the state of first-person shooters back in the day, in fact I'm surprised there were no 'health packs' that provide instant health when touched or activated. Interesting glimpse into the recent past.

Good work, bro.

These are interesting

These kinds of real like video types are pretty good, lots of action at times addedwith some art in themix but maybe a lil more could be added, but overall it was nice.

So I would suggest adding some more things to this one like more elements pushing this to the next level.

Thanks for the tour of ur house. in all seriousness though, awesome

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Jun 17, 2006
10:58 AM EDT