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The Little Jamurai II

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The Little Jamurai: A Day in the Park.
***A note to the viewer: We know that dreadlocks were not big in feudal Japan, we know that there were no radios at the time either and yes we are hipped to the fact that the Las Vegas Stratosphere is a recent addition to the planet...This series is a mash up of Akira Kurosawa, Shaw Brothers and hip hop. It's entertainment.
In this follow up to 2000's "The Little Jamurai", our young warrior comes face to face with the ramifications of his prior actions. If you haven't seen the first Little Jamurai toon, check it out so this will make more sense. Enjoy!
After a long hiatus, Dreadfully Slick Developments is back in business of comics and cartoons. Thanks to all the fans in New Grounds who've suppported us this whole time. Visit Jamurai.com for more cartoons and higher quality sound than you can get here, because we're talking hip hop folks, so the music matters!
MySpace users go to myspace.com/thejamurai and join our community.
A note to those quick to jump to conclusions out there: The Jamurai, originally created for mixtapes in the mid-90's, predate Samurai Champloo, Samurai Jack and Ghost Dog which they are often compared to. We don't mind the comparison, but we were here first.


d00d, this is some nasty work! Keep it up!

I'm sorry, but your style will definantly have to co-op w/ me one of these days, I was feeling this second one the most. I have a simular fuction to this. The only difference is my character is nomadic but flows w/ whatever. I'd like my character to flow w/ your one day. This shit is definantly some phenominal work! One thing I peeped is how one dude runs, then he dips cause he figures dude is one bad mother fucker! Thent he Jam guy merks them three, haha!


that was probably the most racist lil' thang i have ever seen. but funey. i like how the guy wit the buter knife who ran away soiling himself in sheer chaos looked like one of dem worms fellas from the games on the N64, Xbox, Ps2, and nintendo DS (touching is good :>)

dreadslick responds:

If this is the most racist thing you've ever seen (and I defy you to show it's racist at all), you've lived a sheltered life. Never seen a Stallone movie (Cliffhanger, Rocky 3)? Never watched WWE? Fighting video games? Music videos? Television commercials? Wow.

Way of the jamurai

I'm lovin every sec of it (almost), who cares if THERE is dreadlock hair samurai in japan or taking a hike at yellow stone park(yosemite right??) all i care is another sequel....


I liked it, and i remember seeing the first one a long time ago, both pretty cool. I would like to see a little color, maby dats just yo grove doe... maby drop some jamuri freestyles or sumtin, na mean.

This was awesome... lol

The movie was funny and well-done... Good job.

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Jun 11, 2006
11:10 AM EDT
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