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Zelda [Enhanced]

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UPDATE: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY MOVIE MADE IT!!!!!! Thanks all the people that liked it, and for all the people that hated it, whatever. also, I updated this with the good copy that has enhanced sound quality (64kbps vs. 56kbps) AND hopefully my crappy computer will also be able to not cut out the credits scene.Also, I changed the name of the submission to Zelda [Enhanced] because I'm going to make a prequel to this called Zelda: The Beginning. Thanks again for voting!!! I'm going to Great America today (6-7-06) so I won't be able to reply to the reviews for some time.

This movie is the first in my new Zelda series. In this episode Link saves Zelda from Ganon who is trying to steal the Triforce of courage from Zelda and must kill her in the process (more on that in the movie). I tried to make this movie as good as possible, and though it isn't any Legendary Frog Flash, I am a total n00b and this is something I tried hard on and isn't some retarded flash about Barney with stupid Speakonia voices or any of that. In Conclusion, this movie is NOT supposed to be funny, as Zelda is a franchise that shouldn't be made fun of. More episodes soon if you guys like it! Enjoy!


Almost Good

Okay, I guess I'll start with the most obvious flaw- it's too short. Also, it doesn't make a lot of sense. And the battle scene sucked. Lastly, you say that it's not supposed to be funny, yet there are some things in the movie that are obvious jokes.

On the plus side the animation is pretty good, and the music is okay.

Almost epic!

I really liked it, even the music. Just wish there could have been more action when Link attacks Ganon.

I'm a Zelda fan myself, and don't care that this doesn't fit in the Zelda "Timeline," because according to it, there have been several Links and Princess Zeldas, all descended from each other... Wooo... So, I just take submissions like these as bits of fun, just as they should be.

Pretty good

Though the music was sort of loud. Nice story though

bman1003011 responds:


i coudnt really level all the music to be the same


Sooo what did you try to make up your own story or you just know nothing about zelda, by the way link was just a bit tooo big when he was fighting ganon.....

bman1003011 responds:

hey i have played every zelda game and oot was what got me into video games. i just made the movie up


Being a huge Zelda fan I can tell everything that is wrong with this video you totally f*cked up that game...Seriously 1)you never get the kokiri swrod 2)you don't get the deku shield 3)you don't have to save Zelda from ganon 4)ganon never appears in the church...It is like you tried to mash up 'a link to the past' with 'ocarina of time'. Get your facts straight,

bman1003011 responds:

dude you obviously must be stupid. this isnt supposed to be related to the games one bit! its my own story!

btw i see you have a lot of flash movies

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