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this one didn't take long i think i detailed it alot a bit too much anyways i hope you like it because......nevermind i don't really care.Enjoy


That was good again Suprise!

Hey hey Yea I cant wait for for ya next flash. I will send ya something...

ClayWay responds:



Really weird but good! Funny stuff. FAIRY OUTFIT!

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ClayWay responds:

thx dude awesome if this is hilarious to you then your gonna piss your pants when Life On A Table Epi.3 comes out e.g. if you want to live you must shave your head and paint it red!!!

It wasn't the best but it was funny

It wasn't to good, but parts of it were funny.

ClayWay responds:

yeah but it was ok.


ben howlet is it u

ClayWay responds:

no my names robert.or clayway.who r u.

OKAY..............WHAT WAS THAT??!!!

Okay no offense but you are sorta like me in a way.....
we both need our voices to be better in flash!!!
do you hear a kid doing those types of questions on TV?
No... Plus everyone was blue which makes me think it's a copy of KNOX and your voice was for every character!! the video quality was exceptional but I didn't even need to look at the whole thing to know this was just sort of crazy! Why did you just make random clay figures.....AND STRAND THEM???
And the figures mouths were not moving!
you need improvement in your claymation.

ClayWay responds:

sure sure sure i'd do that.....*whispers*crazy jealous people.

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2.20 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2006
5:07 PM EDT
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