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well, i hope u will enjoy my new work. have a nice day


This is.... lacking something...

The graphics are wonderful... abolutely wonderful... its just that... the game is too plain, I think that you should put more thought into this...I mean you could have made something great... if you had a good plan... OR THE GAME YOUR MAKING IS MORE INTERESTING... just advicing... peace out man!

Needs something interesting

This game is a very exact simulation of what its really like to be at a firing range . . . except that you don't get the same satisfaction from clicking a mouse and making a little burn-mark appear that you get from shooting a friggin' lump of metal and making a big hole appear in the target. BOOM! Hee hee. Since it's impossible to capture that feeling in the game, however, I'd suggest making this one more interesting in other ways - not introduce a story, but at least give levels to the survival mode, where the targets are smaller and you have less time. Or, make the targets move. Maybe even make it optional to have different styles of targets, so that the bullseye is harder to see. Please make some sort of change; this is too good of a game platform to waste.

Ok game...

The game was...sub-par I guess...too repetitive and the sounds we far too annoying, the same 2 or 3 sounds over and over again tend to wear on the nerves (whichs is why I turned the sound off after awhile) this game is fun for a few seconds but in the end is really REALLY repetitive.

originality = 0

zzz it was pretty nice but nothing amazing. just like so many other games out there. woulda been better if there were rounds and you had a certain amount of points you had to reach that round to continue to the next. just ended up being pointless. survival mode was complete crap too, those 1 and 2 second bonuses don't help at all considering theres a good 2 or 3 seconds in between each target coming up. overall, coulda done a much better job

That was good..

This could be a great game but with like People targets and buildings where they pop up in the windows.. kinda like that old NES shooting game.. anywayz lemme break it down

Graphics-They where actually pretty good i see you worked hard on this

Style-I gave u a ten because it had a great style for a target practice game like the whole police shooting practice or something like that

Sound- I had my speakers off

Violence- Those Poor poor Targets THEY HAVE RITES TO YA KNOW!

Interacitvity-Click shoot reload...

Humor-umm the targets made me laugh.. o wait that was my mom dying...

overall 4/5

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4.02 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
5:26 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person