Stick: Breaking the Wall

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Very short sctick animation (~23 sec), my first submission on NG, but i think not bad at all, and worth seeing. (some dbz inspiration)
Flash Player 8 required.



your a very good animator, and with practice you could be much better. you have to keep making movies! that was great for a first try!


this was near perfection. smooth as could be. maybe ya shoulda added some tune in there?

Blue-Hand responds:

oh, i think, i will do it, and finish this movie if you like it. thanks for review


This was your first frickin submission? Damn. It kicks ass. But have you done other flash before or are you new to it? It does need background music. And when the guy shoots the energy beam or w/e at the wall and it moves down? It should fall foward. Sorry im being fine but it was just so good... NEarly perfect!

Blue-Hand responds:

I agree about music; but i have other idea about wall, because it's not the end of the movie. I think i will finish it in some time and then you will see.

good first flash

i wish it was longer 5/5

can some1 say welcome to newgrounds?

well that was better then i expected...

for a first submission u kik @$$!!!!

i look forward to ur future submissions, next time try to semi put a plot into ur stik thing so ppl don't kill u wit that wen they review it.
also, did u happen to watch dragon ball z be4 u made it or did u come up wit the hair and the blasting beam by urself? if u did good job on that part but if u got the idea from dbz, i suggest noting somtn bout it in ur credits cuz wen u get way high up there (and u will!!!) and u base ur stuff off of other commercial things then ppl will kill u wen they figuire out that u stole the move from some other movie or game and that u didn't even put it in the credits...

just advice.. it was perfect but needs to be a bit longer, at least a minute and a half.

Blue-Hand responds:

thats right, i was inspired by dbz, but i thought that everybody know that; however i will write it now.
thanks for review

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4.08 / 5.00

May 28, 2006
11:21 AM EDT
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