Ask Al: "Animal Heaven"

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"Do animals go to heaven?"

Al Pigioni is a wise old bird from NeptuneCircle.com who gives advice to those who seek it (and some who dont).

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very good ^^

lol i liked it and i love the way Neptune Circle Flashes dont just have random stuff they acually have a plot and are really well drawn and arent stupid. u deserve a 10 ^^ keep up the good work

another good neptune circle

another goodone i kant wait for the next one


Dude, that was pretty sweet. You don't know it, but the humor isn't what is usually used, but it's quite different. I mean, usually, humor is pretty straight forward, but this unexpectantly makes you laugh, the jokes are placed where you'd never expect them. Sometimes, you might have to find it, but either way, it was really funny.

The graphics were cartoony. They could be just a little better, but really, it's a cartoon, they can be slightly crude to add some flavor to the drawings. The animation and voices were quite cartoony as well. With the pigeon, or whatever that bird was, the character has it's own style of talking. Though it is quite simple, it is very unique.

The mailbag question was pretty simple, but it really offered a lot that you could do with it, which was good. If the question were more complex, it wouldn't make it has humorous as it was.

Maybe if you added more questions into each cartoon, it could be really good. Like, 5-7 questions compiled into one flash, and then you submit it, and from a menu, you could choose which animations you wanted to see. It would be ingenious!

You had the cartoon-like violence, which is always a treat to watch in the animation, the cloud around them and everything, a great feat in such a great cartoon.

-This is really unique, keep it up! And if you guys need any music for future flashes, I may be able to help out.


5 Bucks

I bet you five dollars this will make the frontpage :)!


That was good. I really like the consept.

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3.88 / 5.00

May 27, 2006
7:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original