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Mario's Silent Movie

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Author Comments

Hey guys, here with anouther movie. This one is called Mario's Silent Movie, the movie was ment to look slightly like it was out of the 20's, where movie didn't have SFX or speech, only accompained music. I hope you enjoy it and remember to visit my site!

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i didn't know super mario bros was based on a 1920's silent film

when mario said ''K'' i felt that

At first, I was confused as to when this ended. I mean, barely nothing happened at all! Instead, the movie wasn't even close to being done. I really appreciated that. I just loved seeing this style. It seems like that's the most common music ever made.

Seriously, I hear that in every parody of silent movies. Wait, maybe it was something else? The sprite work was quite nice here. While it made little sense, it was very fun. People have done everything with Mario now.

Cool movie dude. It was pretty funny and all that shit.

This was quite entertaining.
I especially loved the musical rendition of the intro, how it was turned into a classical song.
The black-and-white silent movie was also really good.