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LL- The Unlocked Collab

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This is a lock flash, if you dont like it then fuck off!
1. Added the universal theme in the intro
2. Fixed GoldenLock's part up
3. Added the white sound part on every scene
4. Made a new DP^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

BarbarianLock was too busy to finish this collab off, so I, MentalMyles, had to put this all together in a last minute thing, god, it was aweful. Anyway, this collab is about what would happen if a lock was "Unlocked"? this collab took around 4 months of farting about and this is what we came up with. enjoy!

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very cool

I was very impressed by this collab! The best was probably NowakLock's. I mean, the Clocks and Locks do sound the same. GoldenLock's was quite intelligent. This really was massive! Don't you need to usually turn the key?

Oh yeah, I remember hearing of Glorton. It's too bad I'm not that familiar with the Lock mythos. Anyone can of course enjoy this. This was probably your biggest Lock Day ever. Well, it was probably also the first.

LOL! Love the ATHF reference on PeanutButterLock's part. XD

very good but...

Its a great idea, and quite well executed. It has some good art, ideas, sound etc. It is quite a significant collab. I liked some of the details, such as tNowak getting the Key retracting to fit in the lock and the Barbies' seeing the POV through the keyhole.

However, I was a little disappointed that the ideas were rather samey. Lots of people came up with the same idea that it caused an explosion, which is very NG predictable.

I was also rather disappointed that nobody actually turned the key in the lock, which, as well as looking good and making sense, could have sounded good too.

I think there is plenty of scope for Unlocked 2, provided y'all agree not to repeat the basic ideas in 1.

If anyone wants to talk ideas with me, then PM me.

Best Wishes to the Locks from the DS, as always.


what would happen if a clock saw him do that?