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crime against humanity

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Author Comments

Just something I was feeling. Hope no one is offended by this in anyway. I had the best of intentions. Unity!

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Fuck you "Terrathus"

(note to animator, seeing the words fuck you may hurt your feeling, however just know it's not directed towards you. This is to the last guy that reviewed)

Ok faggot I gotta bone to pick with you.
You are the pig-fucker. Just because we americans did something with ourselves to make us the proud country we are today. Fuck you.

You said :
"I'm glad you pig-fucking americans got bombed on 9/11. you deserved it. your power is going to your heads... i say fuck the americans. fuck them right in their ears."

What the fuck is your problem? Are you fucking
retarded? You think it's cool that some pussies took over a plane and crashed into one of americas greatest monuments, and killing thousands of people in the proccess? Trapped in a fucking burning building, frying alive. Screaming for help that will never come. Co-workers burning to death right in front of their eyes? Melting inside of a building that eventually colapses into oblivion? Thousands of families now without that special someone? you know what fucker? Those fucking people did nothing to you fucks. They were helpless innocent people working their ass off to live in a shitty apartment, trying to live their lives to the fullest. And you know what else fucker? Some of those people that died were not even meant to! They risked their lives to try and help a stranger get back home. Is that compassion or what? They dont even know the fuckers, but they're running in there to help their fellowman. After those towers finally collapsed, people were buried alive, sufficating in ash and dirt. Firefighters and common-men alike were pitched in to help only to find blood and body parts. Try wathcing the submission, "I miss you daddy" and tell me what you think. Fucker. Now, fucktard, you want to rethink what you said? Probobly not, but I'm just getting warmed up. We go in to Iraq, take out Saddam Huesein, to better your world and have you live in peace. And guess what you do... Fight us. You kill more innocent lives that are giving up their home, their family, to help you mother fucking scumbags. And you turn around a fucking shoot at our troops, killing hundreds of them, who have the hope of returning home, to see their new born child take his or her first steps. Oh, but wait, he won't get to! You know why? Because he's dying out there in Iraq, to give his part to help fucking scumbags that wont even let us help them. You are the pig-fuckers. Now, granted, some of them volenteered, but you still killed them. And you people wnat to complain about embarassing Iraqi comptives by stripping them down? Oh, I'm so sorry that we aren't decapetating them on television. Sound familiar fuckwad? It should. Now, A,erica may have it's weak spots, but I tell you what, we are America. And we are the best God Damn country on this sweet blue Earth. Do yourself a favor and suicide bomb yourself, to your own people, how bout that, sound familiar too? I say fuck Iraq. We'll just let you kill each other. Too bad we're so kind hearted... Aint that a bitch? I am 13 years old, and I wrote this message, and you Terrathus, you make me fucking sick...

Vote 5 for crime against humanity.


good tribute......but you do get some hateful bastards readin your reviews but don't worry about them. Those queers joined only like 2 days ago or somethin and those panty wastes don't know how to read origin dates. FOR YOU DUMB FUCKS WHO ARE BLAMIN THIS SHIT FOR BEIN OLD IT CAME OUT TWO DAYS AFTER THAT HAPPENED YA LITTLE SHITS!!!!! Thank you.



id have to agree with the guy that said fuck every few seconds its fucking boring, and its been like to year...i feel sad for the ppl that died that day but ur just freakinh hurting yours4elves by remembering it!


Im sick and tired of every fucking person on the entire fucking net talking about fucking 9/11. ITS FUCKING BORING

Hey, hey...

Doc_Strangehere... medical malpractice is not caused by a terrorist faction, nor planned for years, nor intentionally executed...

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2001
6:50 AM EDT