Mobile Weapon Zero

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This is a RPG where you are the pilot of a Mobile Weapon (MaW). Explore the world and upgrade your MaW inorder to defeat the final boss.

Complete quests to obtain secret items that cannot be found in shops.

Next version coming out soon:
More info at http://www.mobileweapon.

1. Arrow keys movement.
2. Added 1 more battle music.
3. Slightly more powerful encounters when rank is higher.

1. Spelling Errors fixed.
2. Height bug fixed.
3. New weapon added (hidden).

1. Removed flashing effect in battle as per comments. (Reduced effect)
2. Fixed occasional chance of wrong music loading for battle when near borders of maps.
3. Option to turn off music.
4. Set quality to medium if battles lag.
5. Fixed quest bugs.
6. Edited dialogue with non-existant blade weapon.
7. Fixed name of secret armour being different.
8. Load disabled when there is no save detected.


Good Game

ok is one of my favorite games ^_^ , but i think is best Mobile Weapon Complete Version , this version is too easy , but the best weapon is the Meteor Launcher , that do like 250 damage =O

a very nice game

this is the only trailer game i ever played that kept me playing until i passed it 100% which, in my case, took a few days, most of which went on finding where the f*ck is the mech that's supposed to be in the oasis (for everybody who wants to know, he appears there at midnight and gives you the ultimate blade).
all in all, this could have been an excellent game with a few changes that, i think, were said so many times in the reviews below me that it's worthless for me to say them. moving on to the next one.

good for a trailer


1. More Places
2. More Things To Buy
3. Upgrades
4. more monsters or opponents

needs alittle

add more places like the ocean side or something. and also add mutiple enemy types in each place and this game will be perfect


hella good game but needs more places

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4.05 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
10:26 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG