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Thanks for the scores, I apprciate it. From a tip from one of the reviewers, I was told to set the audio to stream, thus fixing the lip sycnh! Thanks a bucnh! =)
**Please Read Before Viewing**
This is a mock trailer done for my english class. Meaning, it won't be a real movie. It's based off a book I had to read, Alas Babylon. In it, the Soviets, back in the fifties, have actually attacked America with Nuclear Warheads. Alas Babylon is the aftermath. This trailer was done in 2 Hours, including Art, Animation, and Audio twisting. It's not much, I'll admit, but...
Also, some of the lip synching is off, I have to check on how to fix this. Enjoy!

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I remember the story well.

I remember the story as if I just read it yesterday. This short clip was good in its way, it caught the meaning behind the title at least. I think it would be quite cool if you actually -did- do a flash based on the book, but understand why you might not want to. Still, thanks for the memory.

Hey I read that book.

Had to read Alas, Babylon over the summer for school. Personally, I think you failed to convery just wtf the plot of the Alas, Babylon movie would be. Say you saw this on TV. The whole Babylon thing would throw you off, and there was no mention of the Russians. I think that it could've been better by maybe explaining what was going on by taking lines from the book. Instead of that crummy food and water line, you should've shown an extremely short clip of an atom bomb detonation, to kind of convey the imminent destruction and seriousness of the situation.

Starfox221 responds:

Ah, I you have to watch it again, my friend. First off, I did mention the Russians. "The Soviets, I know for sure, will attack here...and here." And as well as "But, Mark, that's where I live now. There will be nothing left if the Commies attack with warheads. Soviets + Commies= Russians, as I am sure you are aware of. Now, as for the atom bomb, that was originally made in the original plan for the trailer but I had such a short time deadline that there wasn't enough time to put it in there. I had hoped that the sound effect of a earthquake-type rumbling would convey it, sadly, as I can see now, I was mistaken. I know I didn't convey the plot as well as I could have, but I tried to stick with key points. Also, I couldn't take things directly from the book. My english teacher forbids plagerism of any kind and forces us to come up with our own wording.

Thank you.

Needs work

It's kindof interesting. Loving the 'widescreen effect' - I use it myself heh. The syncing is terrible, perhaps you're not setting your audio to stream rather than event. Abhorently bad with the radio bit I almost thought that was it and was about to close it! Trailers never really do very well on NG, we like content. Your sound effects and ambient music were appropriate and powerful etc. so good work there - got a bit of a laugh out of that last line, 'well need water and anything else that can help us' - I thought of a hollywood movie having that has the final line, perhaps said my arnie or something, and it just ... geez it's poor heh. It's not a bad peice. You might like to take the protruding tounge out of the voice loop too, noone really talks like that - these're just little pointers for your next work. Keep it up.

it sucks

im to bored to write

Starfox221 responds:

Yeah...thanks for the constructive critiscim, you really helped me to fix this. Not.


it wasnt bad.

Starfox221 responds:

Thanks for the comment. I have a question, did you notice any thing off about the sound? It's not seeming to work as well...

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3.64 / 5.00

May 18, 2006
5:21 PM EDT