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The Promise of Home

rated 4.10 / 5 stars
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May 18, 2006 | 3:39 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Wow, frontage again,Thanks Tom!
Alright, this movie will make some people cry. Let's face it. The world is not perfect. Tragedies happening everyday; however, not every tragedies crush our hearts. After we suffered pains, we go on. This story took place in Wuhan, 1938. Partially based on a real story.

----For those who believed there is too much advertising in this movie, I apologize and will keep them at a minimum in the future.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not Bad

Well it is definatly good graphic and story wise. It has a very uniqe style and shows true meaning. It has a nice 'touching' story and is well put together. However I won't lie. It was semi boring. There were plenty of points that would of been great spots to end it, which would probably make the score go up higher. There was a huge lack of sound, and only enough visuals to keep you watching through. It was good, but very long, and somewhat boring. However it does deserve front page and it does deserve the score it has and the awards it got. Good job! But next time think about adding some sounds and voices, something to keep you going =)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not Bad

War is always widely agreed to be a tradgedy and people will always feel for those who suffered at the hands of invasion, however it is often looked at from a large scale with emphasis on the events of the conflicts themselves. This flash, although not by any means a pioneer in this respect; adds a human dimension to conflict, by focusing on the events of the war as seen by a single child, the who's and why's of the war become irrelevant and its world shattering effect amplified, that's what I like about this.

That said, the song got old very fast, the drawings are crude and it was hardly subtle. But yeah, still good.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

dude, find a new topic to animate

your animation are ok, but your using too much old style story lines. to me, the movie was good, but it felt really cheezy and cliche' also, one flaw, your movies are toooooo long for bunch of scenes with animations fading in and out. anyway, make a fully animated movie, and it would be impressive.

p.s. this reminded me of all the movies that people started to make about the 9/11 with sad songs and sad storys, just to let you know.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


First for those of you who know little about China: When they're escaping on the boat it's not heading out to sea, it's going along a river. That's why there's a rower. This is also a WWII setting so those are japs bombing the cities. For people who don't have WWII veterans or WWII survivors in their family it might be a bit hard to relate.

For the actual animation I have to agree with previous reviewers that it's a bit "off". Perpetual smiles while crying is not the way to go. They look like tears of joy while the text clearly contradicts it. I also recommend getting chinese voice actors (for a foreign film effect) or at least some voice actors so the reading's not as boring. I don't mind subtitles but without any voices at all it just feels like rolling text :P. The music could also be varied a bit, by adding a 2nd or 3rd song for the more dramatic or sad moments in the story could make this much better. The actual animation is alright since it's supposed to feel like a storybook but you need work on faces. Conveying emotion in emotional stories is key, it's much more important that background and settings (which I see a great amount of detail in).

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it was different

This movie was alright, it had a good story line but it draged after awhile. the music repeated which had been on my nerves thoughout the whole flash. It was difficult to watch the movie and read the line located at the bottom of the screen.
the movie was different, but not the best either. a "7" is the best your getting out of me.