DD : Jimmy's Revenge

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------ READ FIRST PLEASE ------

preloader fixed,

voice in spoof 3, was done by : KF_MWH

edit : ohw stupid me, i forgot to give, GodKill
his credits, cause he ripped the Jimmy sprites

and yes, after this i will keep making DD movie's
Cause DD tributes are awesome, not only for my self, but also for, People who realy liked DD in the 80/90's

and again, Enjoy!!



Since there was no random screaming, i was a little thrown off at first, but then as I watched, it started to interest me...You are an awesome animator and should keep bringing more awesomeness to NG!!! 101010101010!!!!!!

oh, and a 1000/5 on the blam/save vote, w00t!

rebaz responds:

man, it was soo long ago i got a review on one of my DD movie's. well
thnx dude xD, mehh, the be sprited things we actually made on mistake , XD
and lol, this review realy...like..YEA~!!!, awesome
anyway, thnx dude, seeya latta!!


Dude, that was freakin awesome! I love the DD series!

Great Job

I watched this because in my inbox, you told me to watch your other stuff. I never noticed it. Thanks for pointing it out. It was great.

rebaz responds:

its because you liked my other stuff, so i thought i could show you the other thingyXD LMAO, although, Thnx you liked it =D!


Sorry you forgot me but it ok It kicks Ass man. Me like.

rebaz responds:

i did know you not mad, cause that is awesome, why you not? i dont know, cause we like sprites, is awesome, LATTA

interesting twist on an interesting movie

since marion died, would it make her alive on dd 2 revenge since u made that 1st? or does it make a different storyline? and im not sure if u noticed but if u look down there it looks like abobo has aboner lol. love the movies. r u gonna make a dd 3 movie and so on? and i know u making a battletoads and dd movie would kick ass. i like how u make ur movies with hardcore action like how dbz has it well neways leet movie

rebaz responds:

hey crazybrute,
well, first of all, the movies have nothing in sequels crap, because DD 1 on the nes, had nothing to do, With DD II : The revenge, so i just made up differnt story,and stuff, and now marian is dead =D! , and now i am making a new DD flash, with the GBA sprites, it looks Absolutly cool, i alraedy animated around 50 secs of that movie =D! and the fight go's till around 2,50/3 minutes =D

bleh, i probaly forgot someowrds in the lines i said, so ..yea i sucks, cause i was very hungry last night =D!!!
you rock!!! ,and i stopped making DBZ movies , maybe when i am in the mood again, i am gonna create a new Potu movie,but not now =D

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May 18, 2006
1:08 PM EDT
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