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We Are So England

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Author Comments

I, Battosai810, return with yet another animation! This one is showcasing the adventures of two very classy men, who are so very English
Oh rapture!

P.S. - I'm aware he walks kinda funny, and I know English people are actually nothing like this


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Back and forth between two men in beginning is interesting. The tuba music is neat too. The inappropriate background music, poor drawings, and the misspellings detract from the whole.

Battosai810 responds:

I'd give a quality response, but I'm hyperventilating because I just looked at the date on this and I made it a full third of my life ago

Soul Limbo would have been better

The backing tune you had was a remix of "Soul Limbo", which would have been a better tune in its own right. Not that I'm really complaining. My real gripe is with the English accent you used :P

Hmm, I can see that this piece is a very interesting take on the generic North American perception of your cousins over the pond here in UKville. We're not all that bad, though there are some of us like that, I will admit.

Still, this is a more advanced piece, where you're starting to experiment with movement, so the animation is coming on and I'm encouraged to see that you're at least trying to develop your skills, which as I'm sure I will see, pays dividends on your works in the future.

Now that you've got the basic shapes, I'd advise that you work on rounding odd the pieces, so that you produce a figure that looks like they are using legs, as opposed to stilts. It's a steep learning curve, I'm afraid.

And where did you come up with the sousaphone from?

[Review Request Club]

Battosai810 responds:

I've had it told to me before that it sounds more like a posh American accent than an English accent, and it totally does. It's the same voice I use when I want to sound like a snooty country club owner. Funny thing is I've been to the UK twice, and as much as I enjoyed my time there, I didn't pick up on that accent for this cartoon.

This is back before I really had any sort of grasp on characters existing in 3 dimensional space. That weird dance thing he does is like the ugliest thing I've ever animated. It's hard for me to believe I went "Huh. That looks pretty good" after animating that.

That sousaphone music came from looking for "Tuba" on findsounds.com - I use that site for pretty much all my sound effects, and even did back when I made this cartoon.


i have an uncle like that.......

Battosai810 responds:

This is the only toon I've ever made without SRM or Jebediah, and I think it suffered greatly as a result. Sorry you have an uncle like that, but having money in the family is never a bad thing.

Quite... funny!

Your right, nothing like the English (I'm sure there are a few classy people out there though), but still hilarious. Though it must be quite old. The guy in the hat looks like the man off monopoly. The football song in the background clashes with the tuba and poshness of the whole thing, but in a good way! Bad points, it's short and the graphics aren't all that good, but they have improved since then I'm sure.
P.S. I don't think it should be slandered for being nothing like most British, because it is acknowledged.

Battosai810 responds:

Yeah, this is crazy old - over a year and a half old, to be honest.
I've realized since then that the guys are more like posh Americans, WASP types, than actual English folk. I'm pretty sure the song in the background was meant to just sound vaguely "British" but happened to clash with everything...
I'm glad you could still find some comedic value in this though. This is my only cartoon without SRM or any of his pals, and it still has some merits of it's own.
Thanks for reviewing such an old toon!

pretty good

this is one of the funniest english parodies ive seen in a while

Battosai810 responds:

Thanks. It's friggin ancient though.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

May 15, 2006
5:30 PM EDT