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american soldier tribute

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Author Comments

This is a tribute to our American troops in Iraq.

Sorry about not having the whole song the video was way over 5 megs so i had to cut some of it out :(

*UPDATE* Thanks for all the positive comments guys! I plan to do a number 2 but with actual video put in.

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good for you....

It is good you have made aflash to remember the soldiers fighting and those who have dies although wasnt the best flash lol. Got to also say that the prick who was writing all that shit, whey fuck him. you were doing a flash to remember not to promote war, at the damned begining u wrote somthing on the lines of 'iraqi oil or lives of american soldeirs'. I am in the Terratorial Army and not everyone wants to kill people, far beyond it, they just want to serve their country same as myself.
I am on your side man. Dont get crap offa people.


Look, your soldiers are too naïve or too stupid. When they're naïve they're just another victims thinking they are preserving the freedom of they country and freeing another one. When they're stupid they endagnger their lives, they make their families suffer (well if their families are stupid, not) and enjoy murdering, they might know there's no fair cause on what they're doing or not, but they enjoy killing, they enjoy watching dead bodies pile up, they enjoy murdering children, they enjoy watching at houses and vehicles burned up by their weapons, they might even enjoy to see some of their armsmates lying on floor dead.

I have heard and read of some cases of Unitedstatian soldiers that refuse to obey orders from their superiors to murder innocent people, for example, and that have been executed for that and sent back to US as "KIA". Lets remember when a unitedstatian soldier decided to throw some granades at his own barracks for example.

These soldiers, knowing it or not, are not there to preserve USA's freedom and to free another country, they're there to preserve USA's oppression and make that country join that opression. They're preserving USA's plutocracy's freedom in expense of Unitedstatian people's freedom and enslaving another country in the same way. They're there to open Iraqi market to Unitedstatan market in order for the latter to engulf the first, they're there to ensure one of the greatest oil reserves of the world to Unitedstatian companies, they are there to destroy Iraqi culture and subitute it by the Unitedstatian consumerist culture.

And to alma_carmesi. Well read what I wrote before, and, also, USA's contribution to the downfall of Fascism is practically nule. WWII was a great business for USA in order to get great incomes and to open as much of European markets to USA taking advantage of Europe's ruin. WWII had as objective to destroy USSR and bring profits to the capitalist world. In the process 60 million people were killed, several countries Ruined (specially USSR) and the two first atom bombs ever droped were tested on Japan killing hundreads of thousands and prserving radiation until these dates. Wonderful way to fight for other countries' freedom... dropping atom bombs at their cities.

I don't think so

I'm not even american but i do know that this is completely not true.

If bush is sooo bad why did america vote him back into power.

I would also like to encourage people to rate the previous rewiew abusive there is absolutaly no porn in this submision.

u decide wtf it means.

yeah, okay song and enuf pictures, we get it. ur not drafting people so get over it. enuf people would volunteer, if u really needed them. as is, people are waiting to even have a chance to die. Wait, I mean waiting to serve. I mean, what did I say? WTF, i guess i just had to say i dont think its over oil, or, maybe it is? boys will be boys? its over oil, and all the other stuff. but i think he was drunk.

Great movie

Hmmm... to punk_spunk. Stfu, it is a great idea for you to "clothe us all" but it's not gonna happen. There are people dieing right now, because of president Bush. Maybe our soldiers don't want to fight, do they? But they do anyway, to protect our freedom. If you're not american, and america didn't fight in WWII, you'd be speaking german right now. You have america to thank for that. You have America to thank for air dropping food to the helpless in War torn countrys. You have America to thank for freedom. Yes, maybe we are "McFattys" maybe 80% of our population is stupid, but when you make fun of America, think, what would happen if Hitler were around today? Would that be fun? Jews gettin' expierements done on them? Maybe not even exist? Would it be fun? FUCK NO. That's why we have America, because thanks to the "Melting pot" we've got immigrants who love this country, and want to protect it's freedom. In short, if Dieing for another person(s)'s future is not heroic, what is? Criticizing on how war sucks, and that it should not happen? Well guess what, it HAS happened, and you can't do anything to change it, unless you know how to fight.

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2.53 / 5.00

May 12, 2006
11:23 PM EDT