Asteroid Miner

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Here's a little game I made. There's not a lot to it, but it's fun. Try different speeds to see which type of game you like more. Personally I like slow a lot, but a lot of reviewers like fast.

Collect the green asteroids for points and healing. Avoid the rest. Use arrows to move. Fast speed is based more on reaction time, while a slow speed can be more like a moving maze of asteroids. Have fun!


umm yer

well apart from it was COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE! it was ok exept the graphix were bad but a GREAT consept so keep trying maby add guns with limited ammo and u buy upgrades for your ship and guns

Very Good...Needs Work...

The game was fun and challenging but it needs a little bit of work. The implementation of weapons so you can shoot the asteroids would greatly increase the gameplay. And damage animation needs to be better. The current one is nonexistant...

Giant Asteroid Walls = "OSHI- *ded*"

Graphics - 1/2, Looks like you are a simple drawing in a box of cereal.

Gameplay - 1/2, Boring, but manageable. the fact that gigantic asteroids would fly in and make an impassible wall that rapes you is annoying.

Difficulty - 0/2, Completely random, even on easy I died in a minute after a cluster of giant asteroids formed a wall with no way out.

Fun - 0/2, boring, then the Asteroid Wall kills you.

Playability - 0/2, I don't want to play it again.

Overall - 2/10, 1/5. The giant asteroids that take up 3/4ths of the screen, lack of weapons, and lack of bouncing screwed the game up.

Keep going in this direction

Quite good, man... Nice graphics and music, but u could add more tracks cuz just one becomes boring after a while... Also add some game elements... This game has a great potential :)

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not bad...

a few things to improve this game. one, a weapon to get thorough the big rocks, two, if the rocks collide, they should deflect off each other, not pass through each other. the concept of the various difficulties is a good touch, over all a bit dry but has a lot of room to become a very nice game.

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3.66 / 5.00

May 10, 2006
5:43 PM EDT
Skill - Collect