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Silent Film: 3

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Author Comments

SILENT FILM 3: Finally! The trilogy is complete! This epic has more than meatloaf made many a yar ago. Or so it would seem. This raunchy tale tells of two lost souls trying to fight for what they believe in, and when the super-being interferes with the love that they thought was once sacred, all hell breaks loose. The protesting in the park is only one small detail from the same Government, who organized the Occultic-religions and in turn, turned on them for no good reason except the rumors of the Secretary Vice-President's next-door nieghbour's house being a Haunted House. And that's not all, if you watch this now, you'll be able to watch more than once, and maybe some bonus footage! Narrated by Yours Truly, and animated by My Self, Silent Film 3 is a hilarious romp for the whole family!
Please keep note that this is a silent film. No conversing, nor Narration takes place.

Has ANYONE found the Easter-egg?

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A good movie, despite the black and whitedness, good audio, good concept. Didn't find the easteregg, but I'll keep looking Looking forward to more of these as well. Keep up the good work!


(( CUTE ))

Ha ok this was good, cant say that i have seen the others but it was funny eventhough it did have "MUSIC" But was still funny nice artwork and the animating was not half bad either, nice job on this, ill checkout the others when i have time...

Some more wacky characters would be a nice touch...

Funny and entertaining, i really like the wacky characters, nice job...


Very professional.

^^Good Points^^
I'm very impressed by how you made this look exactly like an old fashioned movie. I find it quite amazing. The old movie theme is done really well in this. The sounds, even though this is a silent movie, are very good, mostly the music since it fit the movie well. The storyline is full of humor and I enjoyed it.

^^Needs Improving^^
With the text, I would put a proceed button instead of it happening automatically.

Not quite ... but still funny

Another good flash from PsychoWiLL. If you want constructive criticism, I'd say not enough happens in the flash. The 'map' scene was amusing, but considering nothing actually happens on it (normally you have little cartoons in those scenes, don't you?) and it goes on for so long, it could be considered filler. And seeing that after that you cut off the flash as they reach their destination, I would have liked to see what happens next. Also, I think you should give Newspaper Head some screen time, seeing he's been introduced as Quendrick's sidekick (Check Pyramid Head's wiki entry!).
One other thing, a couple of the text screens were a bit short, even for me, and I'm a pretty fast reader : /
Good show overall though, I love your style.

5SS-PsychoWiLL responds:

The Map was a bit long. But it took a while to get the animation on it right. (Regular tweening would've made the dashed lines jump all over) I had it planned from the beginning, and had to make it longer, because of the towns, and cities, and so on. Also, there are animations, in the little circles. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the ending, and maybe I would have gotten a better score had it gone on longer. However, I wouldn't be done until now... maybe even next week.
NPH did have some screen time. And will be featured more in the future. Don't worry.

this is what flash is all about!!! :D

I like it I have never seen a silent movie except PICO and that one isnt better than this!! keep it up!!! make more........10's write back and music is wonderful

5SS-PsychoWiLL responds:

There's a PICO silent movie? I guess I should have searched NG before making this. I'll should check it out later. To be honest, I've never been a fan of Pico. Also, this doesn't deserve 10's everywhere. There are 2 buttons, an easteregg or two, and not too much violence. But, I suppose it's your call.

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

May 2, 2006
11:02 PM EDT