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zZz The Internationale

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Author Comments

RCC May Day International (updated on 11.Aug. 2006)
Dedicated to absolutely everyone!

Sing the international, while watching images of demonstrations around the world. (maybe communist)
has been updated 25/05/2006

This work has been brought to you,
by the revolutionary comrade crew.

Soon I will submit the following anime:
AkaNihonTenshi - JapaneseRedAngel
Top quality anime about a boy living in Tokyo, who falls in love with a girl. Nothing special about that, except that unlike the girl he loves, he isn't Japanese but half-German half-Spanish. His name is Alex. Take a look into Japan, but not the Japan as we know it. This anime plays in the year 2025, five years after the elected Japanese left-wing formed the government. Japanese right wing is in the opposition.

Look at Tokyo of the Socialist Japan from the eyes of an 18 year old boy. (You will meet communists as well...)

Each episode will show one day in his life. This anime will be filled with cultural experiences, languages, relations and love! This anime is dedicated to couples of mixed-nationalities and also to all, who are in love right now!

Aka-Nihon-Tenshi preview will be released by September.
(untill now I have done 19% of this flash)
(29 hours spent working sofar)
EDIT: The project has been delayed

send all questions and suggestions about Japanese-Red-Angel to:
akanihontenshi@ gmail.com

Tags: Soviet communist socialist may comrade anti-capitalist rsfp21comrade redstar world japan
RedTokyoTower redstarflagproject21

(by Kenzu Milagro and Urogard)

EDIT: This is my first flash I have submitted. Therefore the graphics arent that good. You are viewing my oldest flash!

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we all are the same no matter our race and we all fight those who are consumed with greed but we MUST NOT GET REVENGE. otherwise all people will hate and neglect us for who we really are, true human beings

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!11

Loved it!!! Keep fighting for the greater good! Revolution is not so far away!


Kenzu responds:

We will!

the japanese

japanese are socialists by name, but theyre all greedy and if you've never been to japan personally, you wouldnt know. the country side is very poor. they work very hard but barely get by whent he city dwellers buy up all their crops for low prices and charge all their goods so high they cant afford to leave the country side and move into the city themselves. they, along with israel produce alot of weapon materials and electronics to the richest nations only. japan may be "socialists" but theyre one of the worst countries in the world in terms of true proletarian spirit

Kenzu responds:

Roughly 7.3% vote the Japanese communist party. Japan has 124 Million people.
This means that Japan has about 9.000.000 communists.


I'm happy to see some pro-socialist, pro-communist flash work on newgrounds. I'm also happy to see people who are dedicated to spreading the good message of communism, keep it up Comrade!

Kenzu responds:

You know I will! ^_^

reminds me of the persecution of communists:(

Wonderful, sadly many demonstrations against right wing pigs and fantaical religious figures havent edned the same as the ones u ahve shown. In my old country iran during the islamic reolvution my father marched with many communists to protest agianst the sue of iran as a pawn of america to give oil in return for some western things, however things got worse for communists after the reovlution when islamic fanataics executed many communists. my father told of a day when islamic moral police marched in and shot 2 of his cmmunist friends in the head. :( as well as the godam nazis executing nearly 10 million ppl 3 million being communists. beautiful work however my friend i salut u my comrade! WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!

Kenzu responds:

I know what you mean. So much blood has been already spilled to achieve the rights we have now. Equality is still far away and so many more heroes will fall before our world becomes the way it should be.

How sad it is that many people do anything for money and power, even shoot socialists and communists, who wish to improve this world.

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

May 1, 2006
3:32 PM EDT