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Ganon Knows Best Part 3

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The anticlimactic ultimate episode in the Ganon Knows Best Trilogy! Remember to turn those speakers up and PLAY IT LOUD! Get N or get the f*** out, baby!
But first, the answers to the burning questions that the trilogy has left us!

What is Captain Falcon's first name? (It's Popo!)
Who is the true hero of the kingdom of Hyrule? (It's Ganon!)
Who makes a cameo appearance? (Nearly 50 characters including Link, Kirby, DK, Slippy, and Ness!)
Why should you watch it when you already know the answers? (Whoops!)

All these answers and more in the conclusion to the flash series that fans are saying "would have been better if it were longer!"

Join us next time for "Super Smash Bros...MURDER!" DK rips someone in half! Ganon and Link have a showdown! The return of Metroid Jim! 'Nuff said!

Draws by Drew Lawson. Writes by Michael Griffin. Parodied characters by Nintendo.


^_^ but are u making a super smash bros. murder???

awsome... popo ^_^ i just wanna know if u are really making a sequel, if you are awsome, if you arent, too bad so tell me

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CaptainRadd responds:

Yes, we are working on the sequel, "Smash Bros. Murder." It's gonna be great. Donkey Kong kills some people. And Link and Ganon have a showdown. Everyone'll be like, "whoa." Mario's in there. And the New Age Retro Hippie. Man, Mario's awesome in it.

And then we've got the next webisode all planned out. It's gonna be even greater. It's called "Ness VS The Consortium of Concerned Villains for Peace." I think Ness is in it. He fights a consortium consisting of Mouser (SMB2), Lolo and Lala (Kirby, The Adventures of Lolo), The Skull (F-Zero), Leon (Star Fox), Pokey (Earthbound), Gohma (Zelda), and Zoda (StarTropics). And a New Age Retro Hippie. It's a good deal, is what I'm saying.

It should be good, I think. And I mean, the goodness is already in the script. It's all up to the artist if it sucks now. That and the voice actors. Which is also the artist. And maybe me, never can tell. I'll be Mouser and The Skull, they seem pretty cool.

So face front, true believers! The future is coming tomorrow! It's sooner than yesterday, which you'll never reach now that it's gone!

lol i never knew who captain falcons father was

lol inever knew captain falcons father was ganondorf let alone his mother being NANA of the ice climbers HILARIOUS GREAT WORK

somedays i wish my name was

captain POPO FALCON!!!

no but seriosly this is really really great :)


halarious...cant stop laughing
when he was chasing the dog was soo funny


that one was the best in my opinion the ending was my fav because it showed so many nintendo characters

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4.13 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
6:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody