Pico's School remake

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- For Pico Day 2006 -

Original game: http://www.newgrounds.co

A - Use
S - Inventory
Q - Change quality
Arrowkeys - Move

To use something in your inventory, hold S then press A to use the item.

Sorry all mac users. For some reason you can't play the final fight. I might look in to that later.


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you really did the game justice. Great job.

Not into RPGs normally, but this was a lot of fun. It's mostly because of how mobile you are. I mean, you are really able to move around a lot. The sounds were nice too. I really liked the design too. It's all authentic to Pico.

I'm glad you get the gun fairly early. I still can't get that first enemy, though. I guess I'm not that familiar with the villain. It's great that Pico has developed its own mythos. I thought I could go through the first door I saw.

*New students came, Pico still smiling, Pico takes out gun while smiling*

Anyway, that was a nice remake! So far, i wish i can make a remake to some games.

I found the game to be too easy; for starters, you have unlimited ammo, which you could always take advanced of like holding down the mouse key and just waiting until they were dead. It's this kind of gameplay that makes a game so boring to play. I would've liked the game better if there was a more challenging difficulty and if the game was a little longer. Sorry, it's just what I think. :/

gave up with boss as i was finding it to hard on laptop? seemed like life wasnt going down
fun and very similar or original but i prefer the quirks of original