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Pico Prequel

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Right, welcome to pico day. Here it is the Pico Prequel, this is the prequel to the game Pico's School, and takes place at a completely different school. Pretty much the school Pico attended before transferring to the school in Pico's school. This goes for around 10 minutes, if you have dial up the file size will make you cry, but its ok, i do it because i love. Anyhoo, special thanks to Flashkit.com, and Luis for letting me take the preloader to modify... ENJOY!

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and from that day onward pico had a particular distaste for goth kids

This is like south park

This is so painfully underrated.

it's a white screen..

i feel pico's pain

i would be pissed off too if the whole thing was for nothing, however it sets pico's
fate for being an underage badass in motion so destiny is both cool and frustrating