anti raspberry clock

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Alas,recognition. I made this after I read the letter that was sent to Tom.
I am happy that this is in a feature section, however my windows parody didn't get in... meh. Enjoy.


Anti-Clocks suck

Why does this have a 3.64? Clocks are cool... you people are just mean :(

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If you are going to make fun of crap, make sure your crap isn't worse

Boy is her ass red!

Not worth 1600K though.

Reverend-Kyle responds:

It's the song at the end, I didn't have a converter for mp3's.

Big piece of crap.

man, that was one of the least humerous movies i've ever seen. there really was no punch line, nor was it amusing in any way. horribly written, terrible graphics, i feel soiled just by watching it. oh, and if the creator thinks he's gonna post witty responses to this, i don't care, because you'd have to threaten to burn me alive to get me to click on the link that brings me to this forum.

Reverend-Kyle responds:

My responses are witty?

Bla bla bla

You are absolutely right, someone that wines that much does deserve to be heavily insulted. Let me start of first by saying that you are a stupid mother fucker, you flash movies have a general lack of dignity and if you tried to post a pic of yourself on the internet it would be rejected with harsh screams. In short, quit your bitchin', and focus on making higher quality flash movies, or do you lack the general brain capacity to do so?

Reverend-Kyle responds:

Ah, the use of swear words shows your lack of brain compacity. I have yet to bitch about anything. I do not make high quality videos because I do not see the point. People are just going to be assholes, take yourself for example.
I think people should rate it on what is there.
1. There is interactivity.
2. There is sound
3. THere is very little violence, but you probably didn't know what the button was for.
4. Humour? Well, all in how you look at it.

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2.39 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2001
9:58 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody