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Four Second Fury

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||Keys - Arrow Keys and Space||
**High score lists now fixed, thanks for your patience.

Four Second Fury is a blazingly fast-paced four-second microgame collection! Using only a minimal amount of keys, you play 20 different randomly loaded games all in less than 4 seconds a piece, bringing this game balance to the edge of insanity. I look forward to your comments, so I will respond to as many reviews as possible. -jmtb02

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Honestly, this game could be slightly better. All of this might sound repeated because I'm not exactly adding anything new to the table here.

The problems I have are that I sometimes have barely any time left even when I react near-instantly. The microgames also feel fairly unbalanced in difficulty as well. As a result, it takes me a couple of tries to understand a microgame, and a bit more to be able to complete it.

Comparing to WarioWare and other fan-games of it, I can understand the games on my first or second attempt and still be able to beat it, even when sped up. Despite this, I still enjoy it.

Interesring game

So this one was an interesting game had some nice ideas surrounding I like the simple idea and made it kind of fun for all to enjoy the graphics are nice could be a bit smoother I thaught but overall this was pretty fun but mostly entertaining I think if you added some medals to this that could spice things up even more anyways nice game you have here


Same issue as last game, I suppose.

Wow, that was a lot of fun. I will admit that the premise was pretty ridiculous. Its mostly because of the whole four second thing. I wish it was five seconds! That's a nicer number! Anyway, it was fun with how unpredictable it was.

I had no idea what to do half the time. I think my favorite was probably the sheep dodging the bombs. It was the hardest one I could get through. I like the layout. I guess its good for a short play or plays.

Greatest game, I also enjoy the challenges.
Greatest game.