Primal War 07

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This chapter follows the journey of the White Gorilla as he continues his path of destruction . The Gorilla runs into a pack of Dinosaurs and the mayhem begins .



That gorilla is unstoppable. Its a bad thing to be a dinosaur when there are crazy white gorillas who are half burnt with a huge sword AND who can throw you like 500 metres. Great episode.
5/5 10/10

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Poorly guarded corpsemobile

I think that the movie was great, but the convoy of dead mammals should have had more people protecting it than the gorilla fought. That sort of thing is too important to not throw everything the dinosaurs can spare, INCLUDING the kitchen sink, into a fight to keep the gorilla from finding out that they raided his homey's secret HQ. Other than that, this was a good quality movie, and it just earned the series admission to my favorites list!

I love it!

Very done well like everything about it!

This is pretty awesome but after seeing the white gorilla lift up that brontosaurus, I have to ask something: why is the gorilla superhumanly (or should I say super-gorilla-ly) strong, e.g. MUCH more stronger than he has any right to be? Is he supposed to be a demigod or something? Actually, that would make a lot of sense considering he has no backstory and demigods from mythology (especially Classical Mythology) are stupendously strong and tough, including ones that aren't Herakles/Heracles/Hercules (he just took that up to eleven). The existence of gods would also explain a lot about why the anthros are bipedal, super strong, and able to use magic as well.

amazing as always

i don't know how you do such quality work in such short time periods! it's so good, that you don't even think about it when you watch it. and then when it's over, it kinda hits you, "holy crap! that animation was so smooth, and the sound was amazing!" you know you have something going when you can create a movie so good, that you don't find yourself critiqing it as you watch it. keep it up man.

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Apr 24, 2006
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