Morphemon Duelists Ep.1

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This is *counts in head* about a year of work to make this 20 minute animation. Thanks to all my voice actors, testers, friends and Tom Fulp for allowing me to put it on Newgrounds. There's also a game in there for 56kers like me (or if you like Morphemon enough to play it even though it was made with the intention of annoying you to death). Morphing Electronic Monsters heart you.

Controls for the game: Arrows, A, S, Enter



Let me start this review by saying I am a real big fan of your past morphemon flashes and it's great to see a game. I only have one question, how in the world did you get well over 12,000 Kb's on to newgrounds, I thought around 5,000 was the limit! That's pretty crazy!

the animation was very well done as usual, and very funny. I also liked how a lot of the main characters from the original are in this one like gramps and everyone.

The main thing I didn't like about this game is the begining, where you have to name ALL of the characters, which got kind of boring. Also, some stupid question like your sexuality were pointless and kept appearing. A problem with the title I had was that it was too similar to your other flashes, which got me kind of confuse, you should've named it morphemon duelists instead, it would've been a wiser choice. There were also a couple of collision problems, but it's exceptable for a flash game.

the music was good, I enjoyed it and it didn't piss me off after a while of listening to it. You also had a lot of style like in your other ones, if you had thrown in your funny theme song from the oringinal, it would've gotten a ten in style for sure( although the Kb count would be even more, so that's probobly the reason). As for humor, not as funny as your other work but still above average for a game.

Overall, a very nicely made game, I can see the work you put into this and I congradulate you on a job well done. I would love to see some more work for you, maybe a morphemon episode 2 flash, soon?



That was freakin hilarious and all but Im pretty sure ive already seen this submitted, how'd it get on front screen after its been on newgrounds for a long time (not actually long time). But it was really good great animation style, kinda lazy in parts (just the way i like it), and not to mention that it was fucking hilarious!

PiGPEN responds:

It was in parts before....now its full-length with a new credits sequence.

Not to mention a game.


The movie was good, but you didn't have to make the game bad just to make it funny.

i guess it's awsome

surely work on your plot it's getting too weird..


The only thing wrong is that you just took Morphemon Duelists 1.1-1.4 and put it all together. I mean it is nice to watch the whole series in one flash but you could have edited some of the episodes.

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2006
1:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original