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*Edit* For everyone who is giving stupid reviews, understand that this is a totally different addition to the BOA series, and BOAIV (oldschool side scrolling shooter) will be out soon!! -------*sorry for long load*Flash 8 required-------
The "interactive comic" is finally complete!!!!! For those who love flash like "broken saints," you will love this new addition to the BOA series!!! This has taken us months to finish, and I am extremely proud of the outcome! It takes place before Brink of Alienation 1, and the next few episodes will explain the events leading up to the first contact with the Kragolyte enemies! be sure to vote and leave some awesome comments!

Btw, check out BOAIV on our website, there are some sweet screenshots, and a playersguide!

btw, Tom...internship?


What did he do to those terrorist?

I'm not kidding Spawn,Wolverine,Jason and Pin-head together could not have been as nasty,well anyway the story segments were cool and the actual game was nice but the shooting mechanics need work (even at low quality I was stil not fast enough to dodge),as a movie it was great,as a game it needs work,still I'm looking foward to the next part. -The Shade

Umm. Well.

I guess all I could think of to describe this is, "wickedly retarded."

I mean, the actual game was decent enough. But everything else was just.. Well I already said what I thought of it..

Stupid Little Fly...

Imagine this setting. You are on the beach with your girlfriend. It is the most pastorl, romantic, and perfect scene imaginable. The champaigne is cold, the oysters are fresh, and the fruit with chocolate is sensuous. Then, just as things are beginning to warm up, a horsefly comes in and ruins the scene.

That shooter round was the ruination of an otherwise perfect flash. Yes, I suppose it COULD have been longer, but in many ways that what sequels are for. I must have tried that thing eight times in eight different ways before I finally figured out that the trick was to just stand there until you ran out of ammo, THEN crouch only to reload.

The thing with interactive comic books is that the mini-games should be entertaining, but should only offer a mild challenge, if I wanted to play a brink of alienation shooter, there are at least three that come to mind I could go to instead of this. The real power of an interactive comic book, should be the story. For the most part you captured the story well, and your shots were excellent.

In all, with a little smoothing of details , this franchise of flash will continue to grow, and we here at NG will continue to watch with admiration.

cool but waaaaaaay to short

for being listed as a game, this is dissapointedly short. the graphics and style of it all was the only thing that made up for it. next time, give us more levels, or atleast longer ones with different locales. dont worry, i have faith in you.


Excellent game, but it was a little too easy. I don't know why people say that the terrorists fire too fast. All you have to do is time it and it will be easy. Keep up the good work

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3.72 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2006
12:22 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed