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All New All Your Base

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thanks for putting it in the collection ppl

If you are confused read up on all your base here -

watch it all btw
************FLASH 8************
WARNING:This Movie contains flashing images

This is an all your base tribute it took us a while. there is a fair selection of images inside it, so enjoy.
I know there are alot of All Your Base movies out there but that doesnt mean that this isnt great dont you agree. i know its badly synced and i am sorry.

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Not as good as the original.

I would consider it fair myself with the pictures for some of them we're pretty creative but then the syncing went bad and the pictures took a while to change,not bad but not great either.

Nice to see new pictures.

Alien guy: "All your base are belong to us!"
Me: "You asshole's!"
Alien guy: "Hahahahaha foooool!"
Me: "All your guns belong to me!"
Alien guy: "What???! die you fool"
Me: "Sucker [drawing my Desert-Eagle custom]"
Alien guy: "Oh fuck!!!"
BLAM BLAM [Alien guy left in his one pool of blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jesus and All Your Base For Dummies made me die laughing!

Few Things New Here

The Only Things New Here Are Those Realistic Pictures With The AYB. But I'll Still Give It A 10.


Unfortunately, because ATB is so popular, it's not the best, The zig bit should have been switching images.

FireNuke responds:

i know, blame dogzin the fucking tard. i took him of the co list cus he did such a terrible job.