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The Busy BumbleBee

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Here we go, just a lil something for the Summer.
A nice upbeat, buzzin (hehe) tune for y'all to enjoy
and to acompany the song, a lil animation, after the first time it basicaly just loops as it was a time filler and am wroking hard on my next project. is is however a 4 min long song.

the bit with the flower tickes me everytime!! Kinda goes out of sync later, but its this is mearly my cheeky way of making you listen to my song!

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At first I thought "WTF",

but now I am addicted to this song,
just want a better Quality version :)

so addicitve,get outa my mind!!!!!!

this song is to addicitng!!! i close my eyes at night and all i can think about is this dam bumblebee!!!! he's so f'ing busy!!!somtimes i blink,and i see distorted images of that dam bumblebee,sticking poollen up his ass!! why!?!?!?! why do you follow me wherever i go???? leave me alone!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!

2 for violence 'cause of the flower up ass lol

This is so addictive, it's almost up there with banana phone and all hehehe great song are you releasing a cd soon? :P

Funky-Chickin responds:

actauly i am, its going to be free to download. i will be runninga competition soon voer at Deviant Art for album art!

fun a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man this is the funniest thing ever busy busy bumbelbee busy busy bumbebee omg i can here this song all day

Song review

The song is good and all, but I think the vocoder voice is too loud, it ruins the mastering. The kick could also be louder. I'd suggest eqing the voice and try to avoid low freqs. I also think your singing is a bit off sometimes. Is it possible for me to remix the song? If you'd send me the voices without the filter effect and the midi file to Elias@auxiliary-input dot com

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2006
9:22 PM EDT