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LL-ILLegal Immigrants

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*There is music in the background, if you cannot hear it, adjust your volume on your speaker*
Recently, Illwillpress submitted a flash depicting the illegal immigrants in California in a negative light. I wish to make a meaningful rebuttal in response to his flash in order rectify some of the misconceptions he may have spread.
This piece is to make statements against what was said in his flash, not act like "OMGZ ILLWILL BLAMMED HIZ FLASH!!11!"

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B work

Nice. Im close to a few immigrants, maybe even related. The only laws i have seen them break is the vending law (which i dont know that well) all i know is that a permit is needed. Shopping karts are made into vending karts. The reason they stoop to breaking that law is bc jobs are hard to find, especially for the uneducated adult. The younger community is wanted for jobs, but heck, even i whom is 19 can't find a job. I'm sure any other race would do the same thing under the same situation. The stealing part doesn't come from immigrants, it comes from only the greedy, looser assholes that don't want to work for wut they want. I got my bike stolen half a year ago by some greedy, looser asshole...i was too stunned by the moment to react. Immigrants, mexicans aren't lazy at all. The food they sell in their karts takes work to make. The walking in the sun is work. They even do labor work for yards, homes, ect. You sir make a good point and so do the neutral and other sides. The world needs people to bring subjects, which in this case was "ILLWILLPRESS" and the also needs people to adress the subject. Which is wut u are doing. Great job.

JujubeLock responds:

Keep combating ignorance my friend!