TMNT: Turtle Power!

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Shouldnt you guys be more worried that there are ninja turtles roaming the streets then what color headband they have on! I mean.... Ninja....turtles. WTF


Everyone loves turtles right? Well how many of you would waste time making a video to the theme tune! Turtles, if you are reading this, marry me.

Easter egg takes you to NG. Good luck finding it =P



you got Don and Mike mixed up, therefore I must give you a bad score.

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sams11 responds:

Okey dokey

easter egg

click on the brick wall at the start

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A Disgrace to the 80's-90's TMNT Cartoon

I was suckered in by the title, and I thought this was going to be a nice tribute to the TMNT that I grew up watching. Instead, this piece features a bunch of static images tweened across the screen that barely resemble the turtles.

While I can understand not everyone can draw, if you can't make non-moving images that even resemble the Turtles, one should attempt an animation featuring these same figures. The worst part is not just that you got the colors mixed up, but the weapons as well.

Showing one turtle mounting another turtle in an attempt at humor only lowers the quality of this piece even further.

I give you a six for sound, but only because I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme. But this piece is lazily made, and it shows. No points for you.

sams11 responds:

Thanks for review

damn it

You had the colors all screwed up you ass hole, how dare you degrade TMNT.

sams11 responds:

Im sorry.....hang on, no im not.

I 'ought to stab you in the face...

You dont even know you ninja turtles... Leo-blue... Mikey-Orange...Raph-Red... Donitelo(donnie) - Purple...
And it looks like you even fucked up mike's color, Yellow Come on... And it look like this took no effort... go die.. lol...seriously

sams11 responds:

Thanks for review i guess =/ Constructive crit' is dead i see

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2.41 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2006
4:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody