-The Vampire Squad-

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So. This took like a day, and it doesnt really have a point but does everything? idk. you decide. i thought it looked kinda cool and i love the song. so hey. enjoy.



I found some good stuff and bad stuff about it, It coul've been better, but It could have been worse too.... At a loss, I would say that overall, not bad. It's better that some of the stuff I've seen on this site before.

well well

hmmmmm well i think ur animation was smooth um thats the only good point the bad points is that it was to ramdom yeh the sound i could perfectly i think every one nos u did a good job of that lol um nothing else to say except make a story board =)

Not the worst flash I've ever seen, but...

It's hard to rationalize just what the hell that was. The funny (and frightening thing) was that I've actually seen worse. I agree with the previous review about giving it a story, and actually carrying the lyrics throughout would be a good idea, too. Currently, it sounds like one of the vampires is being restrained and having multiple flaming needles pushed through all of its limbs. Then again, I've never been big on death metal (Or whatever that was).

Solid flash, and like I said, I've seen worse. All I can really say is keep working. Luck!

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it was really good but why did some of the vampires have guns and why were they able to be killed with guns........give it a story line and you may have something here.


very good
i liked it, good job

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2.86 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2006
1:27 AM EDT
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